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Check that the contact information entered in your "Personal Cabinet" (hereinafter referred to as "PC") in the TravelHub booking system is up to date.

Why? It is necessary for timely notifications about the actions made in the application and operational communication. If necessary, you can always change the data yourself.

A hint to make our communication go faster:

When booking, please include in the note the manager's details, extensions and any means of communication, so that in case of any urgent questions we can immediately contact the agency employee leading the application.

Check the correctness of passport data and parameters in the application form when booking.

Why? In order to avoid possible FPOs after confirmation of the request due to changes in hotel, departure date or client names.

To indicate clients' wishes in a note to the request.

Why? So that we can maximize our assistance in fulfilling the wishes of our clients. Please note that specifying wishes when booking a request does not guarantee their fulfillment, all wishes are fulfilled only at the discretion of the hotel.

Check the price of the request and the terms of the agency discount.

Why? By booking a reservation, you agree to the published prices in the reservation and the terms and conditions of the agency discount. It is not possible to change the final price of the application, unless it is agreed in advance with TravelHub.

When booking only hotel and transfers, specify the clients flight details in the application note.

Why? These data are necessary for clear organization of the transfer. Without flight data, the transfer cannot be provided.

Track the Order Status in LC and comments to the order.

Why? Emails sometimes get into SPAM, so to see and inform the tourist about confirmation or current status of the order, we recommend to check the LC. It takes us up to 48 hours to process a request, but usually faster.

*During holidays or high dates of travel, when there are very few available rooms, the response time may be extended.

In case of non-confirmation of the request, to give a timely response on the proposed alternatives.

Why? The proposed alternative is displayed in the LC. You need to give a response within 48 hours (unless otherwise specified in the comment to the order), otherwise the request is automatically canceled. Please note that we do not hold on option numbers or flights offered as alternatives unless agreed in advance.

Check the time limit and due dates for airfare on scheduled flights.

Why? In order to issue booked airline tickets, full payment is required. In case of non-payment, after the time-limit expires, the airline ticket booking is canceled automatically and its recovery at the previous cost, as well as the availability of seats on flights, is not guaranteed.

Tip on time-limit:

You can find out the time-limit at the stage of searching for air tickets or after booking in the application in the LC. Airlines have the right to change the time limit, especially if the departure is in the next 3-5 days, or when booking high vacation dates.

Verify and meet payment deadlines.

Why? Failure to meet payment deadlines may result in the booking being automatically canceled in accordance with the terms of the FPA. If you are unable to make payment by the due date specified in the LC on the application, please contact TravelHub staff in advance to resolve the situation, if possible.

Familiarize yourself with possible FPZs in advance, warn clients about them and take a prepayment.

Why? If a booking is canceled within the timeframe stipulated by the FPZs, they may be applied regardless of whether the booking has been paid for or not. Please inform clients of this and only send reservations after receipt of prepayment. It is possible to find out the FTEs prior to cancellation by sending a request via feedback to our managers or in the corresponding section on the website.

Issue tour documents in a timely manner and check their correctness.

Why? Tour documents are available after full payment and can be uploaded directly from the agent's LK. We recommend checking the correctness of the documents issued to clients to be able to correct them if necessary.

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